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  • The Q50R has everything you could need for a stress-free trip!

  • Low maintenance - Marketing-leading battery range of 50 km to keep you going for as long as you need on every trip. Solid 8” and 12” wheels with mudguards easily cope with indoor and outdoor terrains with minimal upkeep.
  • Enhanced comfort - the padded seat and tension and adjustable backrest ensure your seated comfort over longer periods.
  • Dual suspension system - front and rear suspension systems ensure the perfect balance of comfort with optimal traction.
  • Storage - spacious and secure, under seat zippered pouch for essential items.
  • Using just one hand the Q50R folds up in seconds. Simply press a lever and push the backrest forward. Minimal effort, without tools, and without removing the battery.

    Take the Q50R wherever you want whenever you need it. Thanks to its compact folding size, it easily fits in the boot of any car or taxi.

    The new folding footrest design ensures that the Q50R really does fold down into the most compact package possible and also tucks neatly out of the way for easier, safer transfers in or out.


Frame Type:Foldable

Quickie Q50R

  • Length:Min 86,5 cm, Max 109 cm

    Seat Width:430 cm (cushion width)

    Seat Height:50 cm (without cushion)

    Seat Depth:45 cm (cushion depth)

    Backrest Height:45 or 55 cm

    Armrest Height:27 cm (from the base of the seat)

    Front Wheel Size:8" solid

    Rear Wheel Size:12" solid

    Colours:3 colours: red, green and blue

  • Max. Range:50 km

    Speed:6 km/h

    Batteries:30 Ah, Lithium, 5,5 kg

    Maximum Safe Slope:8º

    Max Kerb Climb:5 cm

    Drive Traction:Rear-wheel-drive

    Light And Indicators:No

    Electronics:VSI (Curtiss & Wright)

    Min. Weight:32 kg

    Total Weight:37,5 kg (including battery)

    Maximum User Weight:136 kg

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